Every Lycean has to be well disciplined, co-operative, considerate and diligent. Mutual help and self-help are the principles that a Lycean should follow in the school and at home. In times of need in the curricular and extra-curricular matters, he/she should turn to his/her teachers and parents. He/She should maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the school unmindful of the confusions elsewhere. He/She should take care of his/her belongings and the school property. Furniture, library books, class rooms and the buildings are to be guarded and protected. The results of the five examinations conducted every year are intimated to the parents through the progress report cards. Parents are required to promptly acknowledge the progress of their children by signing the progress report card. Personal remarks are entered in the school diary for the information of the parents. Insurance coverage is arranged for students and teachers in case of injury, accident and death. Every Lycean shall promptly execute the works assigned to him/her by way of academic lessons, home work, test papers, examinations, projects and practical work. All the Lyceans shall actively participate in the School Assembly, Arts Festival, Sports and Games, School Day Celebrations, Orientation Programmes, House Feast, Onam and Christmas Celebrations. Irregularity in attendance and late coming shall be viewed seriously. Late coming and absence shall be recorded in the pages set apart in the diary. A student who comes late for more than three times a month shall bring his/her parent to the Principal during the first week of the following month. Applications for leave should be made in the pages allotted for it in the diary and they should be signed by the parent. Unauthorized absence may lead to the removal of the name of the student from the rolls. Re- admission may be considered at the discretion of the Principal. If a student or his/her parents are found involved in anything harmful to the school, the student shall be expelled from the school. In the school campus and in the school bus, students are expected to speak only English. Malpractice in the examination shall be viewed seriously and the student held culpable shall be dismissed from the school. Promotion to higher classes shall be considered only on the basis of the overall academic performance of the current year.


1. The working hours of the school are from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. for LKG & UKG and 9 a.m. to 3.35 p.m. for others.
2. All pupils should attend class on every working day neatly dressed.
3. Only English should be spoken in the school premises.
4. Names of pupils who are absent without notice for more than a week will be removed from the rolls.
5. When a pupil is absent, he/she should produce a leave note before he/she attends class next. This note should be signed by the parent/guardian. There are pages in this diary for this purpose.
6. Any damage done to the property of the school should be repaired by those responsible.
7. A pupil is liable to be dismissed on account of grievous misconduct, irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience and malpractice in the examination.
8. Students should observe silence and order as they move from one class to another as and when it becomes necessary.
9. Personal belongings should be taken care of. The authorities are not responsible for any loss.
10. Pupils may use the telephone with the permission of the Principal, in case of a need.
11. Pupils are not allowed to leave the premises of the school before 3.35 p.m. except for lunch. In case he/ she wishes to leave, permission of the Principal should be obtained.
12. Absence on the days of feasts, celebrations and so on will be strictly dealt with.
13. Students are not allowed to enter the school premises riding bicycles or two wheelers.
14. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the campus. A fine of Rs. 5000/- will be imposed if found guilty.

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