Our school library is a multimedia centre designed to complement class room studies and offers a variety of educational materials to students and teachers.

Throughout the academic year teachers and students can make use of the library materials in the teaching and learning process.

The below mentioned library rules are to be observed by the students.

Library Rules

1. The school library remains open on class days from 9 a.m. to 1.25 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
2. Books from the library will be issued to the students as per schedule given below :
Std Days
V Monday
VI Tuesday
VII Wednesday
VIII Thursday
IX Friday
X, XI & XII All Working Days
3. Two books are issued at a time for a period of seven days.
4. High School and Higher Secondary students are given library cards.
5. They should make use of these cards while borrowing books.
6. Exchange of library cards is not permitted.
7. Stds V, VI & VII students may borrow books by signing in the Issue Register.
8. Books must be checked by the borrower before leaving the library. Damages, if any, must be reported to the librarian immediately.
9. The borrower will be responsible for any sort of damage to the book while it is in his/her possession.
10. Failure to return a book on the expiry date will involve the payment of a fine of 50 paise per book per day.
11. The borrower who loses a book will have to pay the cost of the book.
12. All books taken from the library should be returned one week before the final examination.
13. No student will be allowed to appear for the final examination unless clearance is obtained from the librarian.
14. Strict silence must be maintained in the reading room.
15. Never disfigure books, journals, magazines and periodicals.
16. Periodicals, journals etc. are not allowed to be taken outside the library.
17. Habitual carelessness in handling books, journals etc. and unruly behaviour towards the librarian will be seriously dealt with.
18. Reference books may be used in the library.

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