The School Emblem

The emblem of trinity lyceum with “Oam” engraved in the centre was a long cherished and well thought out plan of our former bishop; Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M Fernandez The artist designed it according to his plan and idea.
Theree circles representing the three entities of the holy trinity are joined together to represent the unity and oneness of father ,son and the holy spirit of the holy trinity.Legions of angles adore god the almighty in his holy presence by their never ending chanting of Holy,Holy,Holy so this word Holy is inscribed in the emblem
Lyceum has etymological reference to a Greek word Lyceos which means wolf killer. The animosity in man the brute in man is tamed and he is changed into a perfect being .Aristotle‘s school near the temple of appolo in ancient grees was called lyceum it was a centre of higher learning so is our lyceum.
Pranova or OM
The word OM is the most sacred symbol of the Supreme Being and consequently also the holiest world in sanskrit literature, It is called sabdabrahma or the sound symbol of brahman becauseit symbolises brahman.Under its three modalities of the past, present and future that which was that which is and that which will be .the greatness of Om lies in its being the nearest word or sound to express the ideas of the infinite god.

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