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Trinity Lyceum was founded in the year 1966 in Quilon, Kerala, by the Bishop of Quilon in the memory of Sir Prabhakar Gerald Walter. The historic town of Quilon (now known as Kollam) reflects a unique cultural identity due to the influence of seafaring Chinese, Arab, Phoenician and Greek traders in the early years and later the Portugese, Dutch and British who sailed the Arabian Sea into Quilon’s natural harbour . Trinity Lyceum opened as a residential school, whose students could choose to study as seminarians, boarders or dayscholars. The presence of the seminarians gave the school a pious and spiritual aura. The boarding house was a second home to the sons of the earliest of Kerala’s foreign emigrants working overseas in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, the Far East and the Middle Eastern countries. The day scholars came from homes and families in an around Quilon town adding to the local flavour. You could say the early Trinity Lyceum was a spiritual educational institution with an international outlook, yet retaining the local spirit and culture of a historic, coastal town. By the early ‘80s, Trinity Lyceum had evolved into a prestigious institution, with its students scoring record grades and marks in the Cambridge Affiliated examinations - Indian School Certificate (ISC) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). The boarding school became the most sought after in Kerala, for children of foreign stationed parents. The firm, but revolutionary teaching systems implemented in the school were ably overseen by Teachers, Principals, Wardens and Rectors who seemed to be on a ‘mission’ to establish the school as the finest of its kind in Kerala at the same time a place where the most economically backward student could get world class education. Today, their ‘mission’ has borne fruit. Trinity Lyceum is rated as Kollam’s best school and in the top 5 of all Kerala Schools. The seminarians who then passed through Lyceum’s hallowed portals as young students are today Principals of some of the best schools in the state as well as heads of the Catholic Church’s many prestigious institutions. The early boarders and dayscholars have become captains of their respective industry and are spread throughout the globe. Though those legendary teachers and principals are no more around to witness the glory of the school, their legacy will surely go on. A legacy that was built on the virtues of passion, preseverence, equal opportunity and brotherhood. It has been these virtues that have guided and enriched the lives of Lyceans then and now. The same virtues have got us together again to form the Trinity Lyceum Alumini Association. The Alumini serves to provide a platform where Lyceans get to connect to each other, stay updated on current events in the school and pool their combined talents and resources to run projects that enrich the school students. The key focus would be to assist the teachers and their families and help raise funds to support underpriveleged students.

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