Origin and History

Trinity lyceum, a name unique and novel blossomed in the mind of His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M Fernandez. Three circles representing the three entities of the Holy Trinity are joined together to represent the unity and oneness of Father, Son and Holy spirit of the Holy Trinity. The word ‘Holy’ is inscribed on our emblem to glorify the eternal chanting of “Holy, Holy, Holy ” by legions of Angels to adore the Almighty. Aristotle’s school near the Temple of Appollo in ancient Greece was called Lyceum. His lordship gave the name ‘Lyceum’ for this temple of learning to draw inspiration, grace and strength from the Holy Trinity. Our emblem contains ‘OM’, the most sacred word to express the idea of the Supreme Being. It symbolises Brahmam under its three modalities of the Past, Present and Future. This temple of learning took shape in the year 1966 for moulding up students for priesthood. Our strive towards excellence in education started in a humble manner in the seminary but later we shifted to our present location. The school began functioning in a two- storeyed building with ten classrooms and an office room. The old building was named in the fond memory of the late visionary and successful business man, Mr.Prabhakara Gerald walter. It was affiliated to the ICSE board and XI ISC course began under the stewardship of Late Rev.Fr. Elias Lopez. After a few years of meritorious service, Rev. Fr. Lopez handed over the baton to Chev. S. John. Even though the school was started for students striving to attain priesthood, it is now opened for students of all denominations. Now Trinity lyceum stands tall with sixty classrooms , 4000 students ,119 teachers and 34 non teaching staff members, striving strenuously towards excellence and creating great minds.

1965 February 27
The foundation stone of this institution was laid by His Lordship Rt.Rev Dr Jerome M Fernandez, Former Bishop of Quilon

1966 January 5
Trinity Lyceum was officially inaugurated by His lordship Bishop Jerome
1966 January 17
Regular classes began with 13 students and 4 teachers in a borrowed room at the St .Raphael’s Seminary, quilon

1966 December 20
The first issue of the school magazine “The lycean” was released.

The academic year began with the addition of two more classes (STD VI and VII)

1967 September 14
Mr. A. E. T. Barrow, Secretary to the council for the Indian school certificate examination visited the school .Boarding house started in the building vacated by the Irish brothers.

1969 December
The first batch of students appeared for the Indian school certificate examination conducted by the University of Cambridge

1976 December
The I.S.C course was dropped and I.C.S.E course introduced

1989 May4
Principle Fr .Elias Lopez retired from the school and Mr. S.Jhon was appointed the principle.
Deva mata convent, Vaddy was amalgamated as the junior section of trinity lyceum

1990 January 27
Inaugural function of the year long silver jubilee celebration
The foundation stone of the silver jubilee memorial block was blessed and laid by Rt Rev Dr Joseph G Fernandez the manager of trinity lyceum

1991 January 31
The concluding functions of the silver jubilee celebrations

1992 february14
Blessing and opening of the ground floor of the silver jubilee memorial block by the lordship Rt. Rev Dr Joseph G Franndez the bishop of quilon.

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