Vision and Mission

       Trinity Lyceum was started by his Lordship Rt.Rev.Dr .Jerome M Fernandez whose insight and experience contributed a lot to the development of children belonging to all religious denominations in Kerala. We toil lard for the holistic development of the students, adopting a systematic method of planning and execution. The seeds of Trinity Lyceum were sown to foster the qualities of perseverance, self-confidence, love, respect, hardwork, self discipline, responsibility and tolerance in the student community. Healthy and constructive communication between parents and teachers, timely redressal of the grievances of parents and students, sincere and dedicated efforts of teachers are the hallmark of Trinity Lyceum.
       Our vision is to train young minds for life, nurture ignited minds destined to serve God and Our country. Our nation needs men of right thinking and upright character and we are still in dire need of ‘real education’ and proper training. It is from this timely realisation that the idea of Trinity Lyceum, a school that creates educated men with a vision and generous mind, germinated. Great emphasis is therefore laid on developing the spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural and physical formation of the alumini. Through various activities we aspire to instill in our students the qualities of leadership, honesty, self –reliance, hardwork and above all, the spirit of brotherhood.

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